Our Story

The idea for The Staging Room came about in 2016 when Sylvia and Sarah were house hunting. Sarah was living in a condo downtown and was looking for a little more space in a detached home. Her friend Sylvia was a real estate agent who offered to show her some properties. They ventured on many house hunts together often greeted with an underwhelming first impression. Sylvia often had to describe the potential of the homes they went to see, and Sarah had to visualize it. It was not ideal given the size of the investment and magnitude of the decision.

They often chatted about how much easier it would be if some of the houses were updated with at least a fresh coat of paint or an efficient furniture layout; what a difference that would make in helping buyers actually visualize themselves living there! They were also surprised with the quality of images many used to list their homes; noting that many great homes could be overlooked without the right marketing. In fact, Sarah almost didn't bother to see the home she purchased because the photos just didn't appeal to her. It wasn't until she stepped into the home that she realized the photos just weren’t capturing it’s true charm!

Two years later, Sarah and Sylvia were at it again, but this time they were looking for an investment property, experiencing the same issue. And so, they decided they would be the solution to their problem. They decided to start a staging company; one that included professional editorial style photography in every service. Their passion and experience in real estate, staging and photography made them a perfect match.


Sylvia grew up in a family of builders, designers and realtors. Home staging is something she's been doing with her mother since she was a young girl. Whether it was a property her mother was listing or an investment her father built, she found so much joy in transforming those spaces.  

Sarah and her husband have had years of experience in freelance photography. They love shooting interiors and storytelling through their lens. They believe that every home deserves to look magazine worthy before going on the market and that first impressions matter.

The Staging Room understands how much more confidence staging and quality photography can bring to a seller and our goal is to bring more of that confidence to the market.

Thanks so much for reading and we hope you visit us again for more on staging, styling and photography!