Z. Retired : E-Design Pricing (image)

Consultation fees are $280 per room and include a one hour virtual meeting where we discuss your style and requirements. We also provide you with a floor plan for spatial planning and furniture layout suggestions. Consultation fees will be deducted from your total design fee if you choose to work with us.
Design fees by room
Rooms Max. Sq. Ft. Design Fee
Office (large) Up to 300 850
Office (small) Up to 150 450
Master Bedroom Up to 300 900
Bedroom Up to 200 850
Kids Room Up to 200 800
Nursery Up to 200 800
Family Room Up to 300 950
Living Room Up to 300 950
Dining Room Up to 300 850
*Note: Prices are not inclusive of taxes
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Expected furniture budget for vacant rooms