Do I really need to stage my home?

We often get asked whether home staging is really a necessary step in selling a home. Aside from cost (which we promise we will get into in another blog post), the resistance is generally due to doubts on real impact and return on investment. 

Given our perspective on this topic is going to be perceived as biased, we’ve decided to break this down with photo evidence! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s see if these pics can convince you of the value of staging.

Here are 3 common questions we get from clients prior to staging their home, our perspective and the photos to help you determine what would be more appealing to you!

Reaction #1.  Won’t keeping a room vacant make it seem bigger?

The risk with an empty room is that buyers will question if their existing furniture will fit or if they plan on buying new furniture, what size of furniture would realistically work with the room and layout. Staging helps the buyers see at least one potential furniture layout for the space and gives a better sense of what the room will accommodate.  

Before / After: 


Reaction #2: I already have furniture. Why would I pay for different furniture?

You may not need to replace your furniture but that decision should be left to a professional. A staging consultation will assess what furniture can stay and what should go to ensure that the overall style and feel of the home appeals to the masses. At TSR, we will try to use as much of your furniture as we can and supplement with decor and select pieces to make it more cost efficient for you.

Before / After:


Reaction #3: Is the investment in staging worth it?

We understand there are many costs associated in selling a home. You have lawyer fees, land transfer tax, moving costs, etc. But we feel strongly that staging should not be overlooked. It is a critical part of marketing your home. Professionally staged and photographed homes will attract more potential buyers to see the home and deliver that wow-factor first impression that you want to leave them with. 

We will be discussing pricing in a future blog post, but generally, our staging is 0.05% of the fair market value price of your home; which to us, seems totally worth it!

Here is one more before / after to show you the impact staging can have: